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We can all attest to the fact that we lead very proactive lives; our free time is eaten up by events and activities that arise in both our professional and personal lives. Despite our busy schedules, our smartphones have made it easy for us to have access to anything we could possibly need: our personal contacts, access to work emails, news and weather updates, etc.

Now, thanks to a variety of unique apps, we have the capability to do almost everything through our smartphones, including tracking and managing our finances. Whatever your money goals are, there is an app that can help you achieve them. You can manage money directly from your bank accounts, budget your money through a third-party app, or invest your money in stocks.

Because these apps lend themselves as useful tools intended to simplify your life, they are becoming quite popular for avid smartphone users, which means that more finance apps are introduced every single day. Don’t waste your time comparing finance apps against one another. Here is a list of the best personal finance apps available for download now to suit your specific needs:

For Managing Your Money

If you have been on the search for an app that will help you budget your money, you have most likely heard a lot of praise and support backing Mint. One of the best features of Mint is that it is free for all US and Canada residents, so you won’t have to pay money in order to manage your money. Mint tracks all of your transactions, allows you to create a budget (and alerts you when you are getting close to surpassing your monthly budget), and also notifies you when your bills are due so late fees are no longer a lingering worry in your mind.

For Getting Out Of Debt

If you struggle with budgeting your money, often living beyond your means, You Need A Budget is the app for you. Through this app, you are not allowed to create an “ideal” budget but, instead, are forced to create a budget based off of your actual income. This app requires a small monthly or annual fee, but users have access to services and support, like live online classes where you can interact with an instructor.

For Tracking Your Expenses

If you are already responsible and organized with your finances but you are exhausted with constantly having to manually track your expenses, try using Wally. Gone are the days of having to record your expenses on paper. With Wally, users can photograph receipts and have the information inputted automatically – the app can even use your geo-location to track exactly where you spent your money too.

Getting your finances back on track is as easy as downloading one of these apps onto your smartphone!